Kyle's Sword Coast Campaign

Ambushed en route to Phandalin

Session 1


Kaitlyn (as Frohikey), Kevin (as Thorum), Lucas (as Brigden).

Day 1

Brigden, Frohikey, and Thorum leave NEVERWINTER with the wagon-load of supplies. GUNDREN has promised to pay a total of 50gp for the party to deliver these safely to ELMAR BARTHEN of Barthen’s Provisions in PHANDALIN.

The supplies include: a dozen sacks of flour, four casks of salted pork, two kegs of strong ale, a dozen shovels, a dozen picks,  a dozen crowbars, five lanterns, and a barrel of lantern oil.

The party travels 24 miles south along the High Road, stopping when the ox pulling the wagon gets tired.

Day 2

The party continues another 24 miles south along the High Road, periodically stopping to admire views of the Sword Coast.

The party rests upon reaching the junction of the High Road and the Triboar Trail.

Day 3

The party turns east toward the Sword Mountains and Phandalin and travels 12 miles the Triboar Trail before encountering a goblin ambush and the bodies of the horses that GUNDREN and Sildar had been riding.

The party slays three goblins outright, and captures the fourth as it tries to escape. The party learns that the goblins have a cave-hideout nearby and that GUNDREN and Sildar were captured alive and taken hostage. Finally, the party executes the goblin. (4 goblins killed: 200 XP)

The party opts to immediately investigate the goblin hideout in hopes of rescuing GUNDREN and Sildar. After securing and hiding the ox and wagon away from the trail, the party discovers the goblin trail without much difficulty.

Along the trail, Frohikey accidentally triggers a snare trap, but manages to avoid being caught in it. Further along, Thorum saves Brigden by spotting a pit trap he was about to fall into.

About five mile north of the ambush site, the party follows the goblin trail to a stream flowing from the mouth of a cave.




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